April Watkins
Oakland, CA   USA
510 478-5000


Transformative Visions: One Life Institute                                                            2010
Studio One, Oakland, CA

The Art Of Living Black                                                                                            1997-2007
Richmond, CA

 Day of the Dead ( altar show)                                                                                2006
The Art Of Living Center, Berkeley, CA

The Art Of Living Black For Real                                                                            2003

The Art Of Living Center, Berkeley, CA
The Saints Are Coming                                                                                             2001

The Art Of Living Center, Berkeley, CA (installation)

Family Matters                                                                                                           1995
Walnut Creek Museum, Walnut Creek, CA, (installation)

 The Seeing Soul                                                                                                        1995
Oakland Museum Collectors Gallery, Oakland, CA

Victorian Color                                                                                                           1994

Falkirk Museum, San Rafael, CA (installation)
Rooms for the Dead                                                                                                  1993

Center for the Visual Arts, Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco, CA
Rooms for the Dead                                                                                                  1992

Mission Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA (installation)
Kwanzaa                                                                                                                     1991

Bayview Opera House, San Francisco, CA (installation)
On Our Own Terms                                                                                                   1991
Berkeley Plaza Gallery, Oakland, CA

Beyond Fragments: After the Earthquake                                                             1990
Pro Arts, Oakland, CA

National Black Arts Festival                                                                                     1990
Atlanta, GA

The Colors  of Black                                                                                                 1989
Grand Oaks Gallery, Oakland,CA

Shaman Shields                                                                                                        1986
Sargent Johnson Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Black Artists in California                                                                                        1986


World Drums                                                                                                           2001
Addison St. Project, Berkeley, CA,(tile pavement inset )

Hope Garden                                                                                                           1996
West Oakland Senior Center, Oakland Ca ( murals, floor design columns)

Oakland Convention Center, Oakland, CA, ( low relief mural)

Day                                                                                                                           1986
Marine World, Africa USA, Redwood City, CA (mural)


Hands Across the Community

South Berkeley Beautification Project, Berkeley, CA ( tile murals and bench restoration)

 Shades  of South Berkeley                                                                                   1997

Coordinator for archive collection of South Berkeley photos
housed at the South Berkeley Library, Berkeley, CA

Treasures of Our Time                                                                                         1994

South Berkeley Senior Center,Berkeley, CA ( exhibit of seniors
and their biographies)

ultural Arts Exchange Project                                                                          1993-2003
South Berkeley Senior Center, Berkeley, CA (cruise concept
where the arts from other lands are brought to the center; City of Berkeley grant)